New Era Supplements

Fitbit Charge 2 give away is over as of July 4th.  Thanks to everyone that purchased Cast Iron pre-workout.


It's super simple with New Era Supplements, with every bottle of Cast Iron pre-workout you purchase, your name is entered into the drawing.  If you buy four bottles (ie one for you and three for your friends), your name is entered four times.  The Fitbit Charge 2 retail value is $129.99, and it could be yours with a purchase of our amazing pre-workout Cast Iron.  New Era Supplements will be running this giveaway through July 4th, with the drawing being posted via our social media accounts on July 5th.  Also, stay tuned for some amazing discounts coming up.  You wont want to miss out on our opportunities to give a little something to the fathers out there.  Let's not forget about Independence Day.  So get your bottles today, and give yourself that Cast Iron PUMP, as well as a chance to win a Fitbit Charge 2.